Where can I buy dry fruits in bulk

Best Ways to Get Dry fruits in Bulk

Dry fruits are the ultimate source of nutrients and well-being like proteins & minerals. As the name suggests, dry fruits are fruits dried naturally or by technical methods like a dehydrator. Regular consumption of dry fruits keeps you fit and enhances the immune system to a great extent. Some dry fruits like almonds even have the ability to improve the mental and thinking power of a person. On the other hand dry fruits like raisins and cashews are a great source of fibers. Strong immunity leads to a life devoid of diseases and health issues. Even health experts recommend having dry fruits on a regular basis.

Now, since the pandemic is again showing its true colours, dry fruits are the ultimate immunity boosters that shouldn’t be ignored. Maximum consumption is recommended in order to lead a healthy life in these testing times.

With this rich variety of food being highly demanded all across the globe, traders want to deal in the exports-imports of the same. But the major problem lies when with the rising competition, the genuine and quality oriented sources are quite difficult to find from where the dry fruits can be imported from.

This has been a major setback for the importers as they would always want to supply the best quality commodities to the target market and the end customers.

Challenges faced by Importers

  1. Numerous sources – As mentioned above, there are dry fruits suppliers and exporters in huge numbers, which creates a plethora of choices to identify which can provide with leading quality goods, in this case dry fruits.
  2. Compromised quality – Since the export-import of dry fruits is booming than ever, every business wants to have a share of the market, which can often lead to degrading in quality because each and every one of them cannot have the best of the best to supply or export.
  3. Frauds & Scams – Sometimes exporters of dry fruits often ask for the delivery of goods on credit. The next time you enquire of the delivery, they may not even revert back. Therefore, verification of such businesses is highly recommended.
  4. Undesired prices – You may end up getting some leading quality dry fruits products, but the exporter may charge a fortune for it which becomes not the ideal price quoted by them. True that what you pay for is what you pay but considering that’s not the ideal market price, they may certainly charge hefty amounts sometimes.

How to get dry fruits in Bulk?

In a stiff competition market, getting the desired results can often be difficult especially when starting out in an import-export business. But with a bit of smart work and dedication thing certainly work out and one can carry on with the business without many obstacles in between.

Some of the best ways an import business can apply to gain maximum results are:-

  1. Facebook groups – Social media platforms like Facebook groups can be a great source for dry fruits exports and suppliers leads. Here you can join various groups and browse through the posts and even enquire about the same either in comments or by a personal message directly to the business.
  2. B2B Platforms – These platforms solve all the challenges faced by importers while importing dry fruits as mentioned above. This is because B2B platforms like Global Trade Bazaar are present in the market with an aim to cater to the importers of the market and provide and connect them with exporters. Now, these exporters are verified businesses with duly checked registrations. You can find many suppliers of dry fruits in these platforms catering to different states and even international markets. Buying from the sellers from these platforms gives a sense of trust as you have an assurance in hand from the platforms in case of any misleading activities.
  3. Manual Samples – There are wholesale markets in many cities across India, having a look at those can provide you with in hand experience of the quality which you desire.

All in all, it may seem a stressful task to obtain the best products, but actually it’s just a matter of research with proper guidance from platforms like Global Trade Bazaar by imparting trade consultancy sessions to the registered businesses/members from time to time.

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