Grow agriculture business with pulses exports

How Exporters can grow Their pulses exports Business in India

There are certain foods that are either tasty but with minimum health benefits and there are others which are pretty blunt in taste but provide the body with health wellbeing. The Indian kitchen has all sorts of meals where you would find thousands of varieties. At the same time, it is so diverse and has some or the other food for everyone. The main elements of Indian cuisine is the way we blend dals and pulses with foods and spices.

Indian cuisines are made up of a rich variety of lentils, peas and dal which boast of a lot of health benefits such as, these are extremely enhanced with proteins and a great source of vitamins and minerals. The mentioned foods all belong to the legume family and are part of the particular plants they are obtained from. This part may be flower, fruit or even seeds of the plant. Thus, the processed food product obtained as we all are familiar with, are known as pulses. 

India is one of the largest consumer, producer as well as exporter of pulses along with other products such as dry fruits and onions. The nation is worldwide popular for its agriculture products and consists of many pulses exporters and agriculture businesses that offer health beneficial rich pulses in the domestic as well as international markets. Pulses exporters in India are often large in number which makes the buyer choose from a variety and similarly the market has a variety of options to choose from.

Being consumed in millions each and every day, let’s take a look at some of the actual health benefits of pulses –

  • Great for heart

Pulses are one of the healthiest foods you can have that too on a regular basis unlike junk foods which provide empty calories. Pulses are greatly known to maintain the cholesterol levels in the body and even remove the bad ones. Thus controlling and preventing the cholesterol related heart diseases.

  • Great source of nutrients

Pulses are a rich source of minerals and vitamins such as protein, calcium, fiber, potassium, iron, vitamin B and magnesium. These regulate the proper functioning of the human body and gets you going  throughout the day making it a crucial benefit of pulses.

pulses exports is on a rise and have great health benefits
Pulses originate from legume family which include dals, lentils, chickpeas and beans
  • Perfect for growing stage

Pulses are also a great alternative to meat and seafood and can provide equal amounts of essential nutrients. Therefore, these rich nourishment foods are perfect for children which boosts their growth and wellbeing.

Pulses being an agriculture product are in markets where there’s stiff competition and thus the exporters and producers of pulses can face certain hurdles while doing business. There are tons of sellers and buyers making it an open market for competition, which means lentils, peas, dals can be procured at economical rates in bulk. To assist small and medium exporters in the agriculture domain, there are B2B platforms like Global Trade Bazaar which strengthen the agriculture businesses. If you are getting started in the export industry then you really have to work strategically and plan your goals in order to run business operations in a smooth flow and generate new agriculture business ideas.

Improve your Pulses & Agriculture Exports Business in India

How to excel in pulses and agriculture exports as a business considering the stiff competition –

1. Use a personal approach

Using a personal touch while approaching potential customers or clients in terms of B2B businesses enables the other party to understand you better. This can be achieved by imparting some insider knowledge that many people do not actually know about. This will make them trust you more and credible. Like in case of pulses exports, you can assure the other party and show them how the pulses produce is stored, how it is obtained and other related activities. By actually seeing the process, one can develop a certain buying intent which would have not been possible with a personal approach.

2. Have a Unique proposition

Running in a market with tons of competitors may often make businesses dilute and not even the presence is felt. This can be overcome by having a unique proposition to give competitors an edge. By boasting this proposition, a buyer would be more interested in transacting with you and will look for benefits that would not be provided by any pulses exporter. To stand out in the agriculture business this is a must especially in an open market which involves exporting and trading.

improve agriculture business in pulses exports
Having a personal touch and offering unique propositions while approaching businesses makes you trustable

3. Find supporting platforms

Certain platforms which you join can go in a long way in providing you with business and trade assistance where you can get to know about the current as well as forecasted insights in the exports and trading domain. This enables you to plan your pulses exports and get to know about the market situations. Apart from this, these platforms provide businesses with a platform which brings their products to the targeted audience. For instance, a businesses indulged in pulses exports in India can be provided with a custom website which enables that particular business to be visible in the online marketplace and can obtain customers from there itself.

Global Trade Bazaar is such a platform which provides its clients with online visibility on digital platforms by various methods in order to boost the businesses in the B2B domain. It connects the exporters with the specific importers in the particular industry.

The pulses market is ever-growing and so is the exports of pulses within India and outside. To stand out you have to implement new and unconventional ways to grow and achieve the set goals.

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