growing an agriculture seeds exports business

Growing an Agriculture Seeds Exports Business

High grade agriculture seeds are the foundation leading to a quality and rich nutrient crop production. Something to yield fruitful results requires its basics to be strong and then only it will benefit in the future which you intend it to be. A strong platform on which everything is built makes it the best in class delivering all over results and satisfaction. 

This is where agriculture seeds come into the play by acting as a foundation to grow quality oriented crops and plant production. These are sown in order to grow certain vegetables and fruits for the purpose of consumption. On the other hand, agriculture is the dominant occupation in the Indian subcontinent where literally more than half of the population is indulged in agriculture and related activities. Along with being a major occupation, agriculture is also responsible for running lakhs of households especially in parts of Northern India like Punjab and Haryana and Southern parts such as Kerala and Tamil Nadu which has a climate perfect for the growth of certain plants.

agriculture seeds exports business
Agriculture seeds business has huge scope

Hybrid agriculture seeds have been gaining attention recently due to it being a fusion of two or more seeds which make them more nutrient rich, greater in uniformity and resistant to major diseases. Due to these characteristics, its demand in both domestic and international markets has risen and the same is being preferred more. Indian seed industry is expanding with tons of varieties of seeds dealing taking place everyday. India produces a variety of seeds like wheat, soybean, fennel, tomato among others. These are exported to various states of India as well as in the international market. An astonishing fact is that a farmer may earn more with seed production then producing crops. This is because seeds are even exported to international markets which have considerably longer storage life then actual crops.

Speaking of exports, agriculture seeds are a very convenient agro product to export and import from one country to another. Seeds like soybean, fennel, tomato, wheat and cumin seeds are exported from India to several countries and continents. If one is in the agriculture seeds export business, in the online era it can be quite easy to deal business in the market. This can be achieved by B2B platforms like Global Trade Bazaar which engages in getting a business with customers. Also if you are into the dry fruits exports business, this guide will provide you certain beneficial information for the same.

Apart from that, B2B platforms are beneficial for any export business in the following ways:-

1. Market through Product Listings 

Product listings are the go to way, also known as directories, to showcase your export business’s products in a particular way to attract more and more customers and acknowledge them regarding the products you deal in. This way, you will gain an online visibility and people can easily come across your business. Provide concise information regarding the product specifications, industrial standards followed and just be attractive enough to catch maximum attention as possible. This way you may end up with a good amount of enquiries over the time.

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2. Market through Social Media 

This can be done on own by joining several social media platforms where you can engage with others and reveal insights about the agriculture seeds products. This is a great way to build trust and even reach out directly to the customers or potential customers in the market. Facebook has come out to be one of the best platforms for export-import businesses in agriculture as it’s just so simple and intuitive to reach out to buyers and sellers or vice-versa. Other social media platforms to market on can be Twitter.

3. Promote through custom made website

Websites make a business credible and B2B portals excel in providing and maintaining its clients’ website. With a website you can put in so much information then any other platform and acknowledge the traffic about what you do, how you do and all the other information that is to be known to the people interested in the transaction with the business. A website is the firms true identity in this technological world where potential buyers seek the website to gain maximum information about the business and its operations in the industry.

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