Good news for onion exporters & traders: govt lifts ban on onion exports

Onions play an important role in everyday meals especially in Indian cuisine as this nutrient-rich food complements extremely well with the spices found in Indian dishes. With India being the largest consumer, it’s also the second most producer of onion, the first being China. The recent most ban on onion has been lifted.

The agriculture industry is pretty uncertain and its success very well depends on various factors such as the quality of the seeds, climatic environment, and the rate at which the crops are procured. The onion produce wasn’t enough during the start of the year due to the monsoon in states which resulted in the destruction of crops in states including Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat where onion production took a massive blow. With the turn of events, this made a scarcity of crops all over India. Keeping this is in mind, the government took a decision of banning onion exports of all kinds and varieties in September to keep the prices nominal. This was the best possible decision the high authorities could take in due light of everyone’s welfare.

Government lifts ban on onion exports
Government lifts ban on onion exports w.e.f 1st Jan 2021

When the supply of a certain commodity falls considering it’s an essential one, it’s pretty certain the prices would shot up. Therefore, the hard decision had to be taken which banned the exports of onion. But now since onion production is coming to a nominal rate, the government has decided to lift off the ban on 1st January 2021.

This calls for a piece of good news for the exporters, producers, and suppliers of onion because they would finally be able to export and deal in onions of all types and varieties. The trade of onions which had been in a restricted manner since the past few months, those restrictions can be finally bo gone for good.

Govt Lifts Ban On Onion Exports: What it means for Onion Exporters and Traders

For the past few months, exporters and traders were not able to deal in onions due to the government restrictions. Now that restrictions are loosened from 1st January 2021, businesses can finally be able to export onions of all kinds. What this means for Onion exporters and suppliers? Read on

  • Export to international markets – With the restrictions lifted, Indian exporters can finally be able to export to countries like UAE, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Sri Lanka which are the importers of Indian onions on a constant basis.
  • The market is opening up – Now since there’s starting to be a surplus amount of onion production since the ban, the market is finally opening up. Also since people have realized that the COVID-19 pandemic is here to stay, businesses have started adapting to it and things are done in new ways in accordance with the government guidelines.
  • Re-connect with past deals – Since the ban was imposed, there were numerous inquiries regarding onion exports. These were not able to fulfill. But now’s the right time to re-connect with importers as to resume all the onion exports.

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