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Ever had an intent to search online for the products you are looking forward to purchasing? In most cases the first result appears to be an e-commerce website or similar marketplace where the products are listed. Also, why are B2B portals in India gaining a lot of traction recently? You’ll soon come to know about it by reading on.

This is because Google analyses the search quality and comes up with the best result in the form of SERP which would fulfil the search intent of the user. From a user perspective, the person gets what he/she is searching and would surely visit the websites appearing on the top. 

B2B online marketplaces and search engines
Search Engines can be a host to sales when people find you

This isn’t easy as it seems because it can take months or even years to come up on the results ranking for a particular query or more commonly, keywords. Various factors are involved in order to rank a website and fulfil the users desired query.

This is where B2B platforms come into play by promoting businesses in the export-import industry on online platforms such as search engines. Let’s be honest with a heavy load of competition, businesses do not have time to focus on additional things apart from the core day to day operations. This makes B2B online marketplaces such as Global Trade Bazaar a door to many opportunities which would benefit businesses in the B2B domain by expanding and creating a credible brand out of the businesses. Suppose one is in the exports of pulses pan India, then B2B portals can really benefit the business by initiating more exports.

What is B2B and a B2B Portal?

Business-to-business is a structure in the industry where businesses or brands deal transactions with other businesses which would bring benefits to both of them be it in monetary terms or brand benefits in the long run. In this industry either products or services or both are dealt in. 

But in the case of B2B portals or online marketplaces, generally products across several industries are imported & exported. It connects buyers and sellers and fulfills the desired requirements of both or all the parties involved. Here industry buying is involved where goods and products are sold and purchased in bulk quantities. So yeah, generally an individual won’t buy in large quantities for personal or domestic use. Businesses have certain requirements of the products and are often in search of buying. This is an importer.

benefits of B2B online marketplaces
In B2B, businesses are to build long term relationships with each other

B2B portals in India have the ability to boost and expand businesses by imparting services. Some of those are :-

  1. Product Listings – Businesses can post their products and brand on a listing platform which is viewed by visitors on a constant basis. These provide information regarding the products you are offering to the market.
  2. Information regarding the market – When procuring the services of B2B portals in India, you not only get the trade information and trends regarding the market but also of the targeted market. Like suppose, an agriculture exporter would require the demanding vegetables in the market and can plan accordingly.
  3. Online promotion – B2B online marketplaces are all about product listings, if your products are displayed there and are visible to the traction, this can be a great way to promote your products online.
  4. Industry buying – Now what is industry buying? Industry buying involves the purchase of goods on a large scale for several purchases such as reselling or using those products as raw products. It all depends on company to company and what products they require in bulk. This is done between businesses and therefore it’s seen as B2B exports-imports. That’s what happens on online B2B marketplaces in India where importers are linked with exporters in a niche for industry buying.
  5. Custom made website – B2B online marketplace such as Global Trade Bazaar often provides its customers with a custom made website for their brand and business where they can provide first-hand information regarding the products they manufacture or export. This makes a brand credible among its stakeholders. Apart from this, driving traffic from search engines to a website is also a perk of having a website.

These were the some benefits of B2B portals imparted to the clients which will help and aid in expanding their businesses to more parts of the industry.

Benefits of B2B online marketplace

Businesses and exporters in the B2B domain can have a competitive edge over others when connected with B2B platforms. Other benefits include :-

  1. Increased reach and sale – When there’s more reach, the possibility of increased sales becomes fourth fold. Delivering your brand to more people  in the industry could increase sales
  2. Efficiency – Businesses can focus on their core work and daily operations, while client handling and lead rectifying can be delegated to the online B2B marketplace.
  3. Access to the global market – Brands can now even outreach businesses across the shore. This calls for business expansion in the international market.
  4. Time to time leads – Businesses can receive buyer requirements on a regular basis when an importer enquires about products they offer in the market.

A newcomer in the B2B domain can really benefit from the services of B2B portals as these are able to grow their businesses and make an authoritative brand out of it. With robust competition be it any industry, sustaining in the long run is the key and this is where Global Trade Bazaar can come into the scene and aid exporters.

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