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How To Get Buyers For Cheese Exports Business

Cheese is one of the most enjoyed foods all over the world especially among youngsters and foodies. Its unique texture and texture makes its use in tons of varieties of dishes and foods. The bizarre fact is that, no one exactly knows its true origination whether from North America, Europe or Asia and till date leaves speculation of its origin.

What we do know though is that cheese is derived from milk and certainly comes under the category of dairy products. Some may argue that it’s not very good for your health but occasional eating doesn’t harm much right?

Cheese has been gaining popularity in developing nations and is soon to become a household food. Gone are the days where eateries and food joints used to offer cheese items such as pizza, pasta, sandwich among the plethora of other foods wherein cheese is used. People have now started demanding more cheese in order to enjoy cheesy items in their homes themselves. With a rise in demand for cheese, buyers for cheese look for a variety of cheese to lookout for. The available varieties of cheese in the market are mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, gourmet cheese, and similarly exporters of these are also present in the market.

Cheese has been recently on a rise in terms of demand

This makes cheese a good opportunity to produce and cater to the market and equally provides health benefits too. Since this blog is related to cheese businesses, let’s have a look at what opportunities lie ahead to hop onto the cheese distribution and production.

  1. Untapped market – The organic dairy product is overall ruled by products like milk, cottage cheese (paneer), curd etc. which have been predominant in India since centuries. This leaves cheese to create a likeable market for its own. This acts as an untapped opportunity where first mover advantage would be crucial for businesses. Yes, there already are brands on a big level indulged in manufacturing and  distribution of cheese but still the gap is wide open for more businesses to enter in the industry.
  2. Demanding nature – As mentioned above, cheese has been growing its preference and is on its way to become a more common dairy product. Seeing this surge in demand, businesses can grab this opportunity and sell in bulks to the concerned market. Oh and a fun fact – Mozzarella is the most consumed cheese in the world.
  3. Huge margins – Cheese doesn’t come cheap and most of the consumers know that. A lot of processes are involved in its manufacturing which leads to high production cost. This makes way for a huge margin for producers to grab and consumers also won’t hesitate much in paying a premium for what they are getting.

With that being some of the perks available to the manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of cheese, there still lies ahead the problem of how exactly to carve a market and start delivering cheese products to the targeted market. The struggle for both small and large SMEs is that in a stiff competition-filled market, taking a spot can often be challenging especially in the initial phases of the establishment.

Cheese manufacturers & exporters in India
Cheese manufacturing

The major part of the cheese business is not the production but rather how it is conveyed and distributed to the target market for cheese. Basically, what I mean here is how cheese manufacturers in developing nations as India can reach out to the audiences through promotion and advertising.

Firstly, local cheese brands can  operate but in a local stage as well as on a large scale. This products’ market is dynamic where both other businesses and consumers can be catered to.

This is because of business models available such as B2C and B2B. In B2C, locals can purchase goods directly from you too from time to time if they prefer to purchase again. On the other hand, B2B is where manufacturers can target other businesses in the cheese industry to sell in bulk. From there on, bulk purchasers (also known as importers) can use it for reselling purposes or in their own business in case of production of cheese food products such as pizza, sandwiches etc.

Locally selling won’t be much of an issue as far as the physical location is in a place of demanding nature. But, the real deal is exports of cheese to other domestic states or for the best, even to international markets. This requires some implementation of certain efforts in marketing strategies or B2B marketing for that matter and definitely provides fruitful results when catering to the international market. 

B2B marketing is the marketing carried out to expand a B2B business and targeting its potential stakeholders which may benefit from the products or services the business has to offer. These days, a lot of ways and methods are available to achieve that. In case you are a cheese manufacturer why not give it a thought to export it? 

local cheese buyers in India
Expand local cheese selling business

Some ways to expand a business and getting buyers for cheese in India is by the following ways:-

1. Utilise Local Business Listings

Get cheese buyers for exports business
Be visible locally to cheese buyers through GMB

Google My Business (GMB) is one of the best ways to have an online presence for the local businesses operating at a small to medium stage. It allows managing crucial details for the audience to view all at one place. Another business listing platform is Justdial but they also charge for leads and that’s a downside of it.

Local wholesalers can enquire from you about the products when you appear on Google through GMB.

2. Approach Retailers

get buyers of cheese through retailers
Supply your cheese products to retailers

Retailers like big supermarkets and marts should be approached and supply them with cheese in bulk. This is a win-win situation for both as they provide its customers with a variety of cheese to choose from and on the other hand also spreads brand awareness. On the retailers behalf, you can get cheese buyers locally. 

3. Register on B2B platform

Start exporting types of cheese to domestic as well as international markets and get buyers for cheese. The main motive of a B2B platform like Global Trade Bazaar is to provide an exporter and its product registered with the platform a listings directory which will be viewed by the visitors of the B2B platform’s website. Considering you have a well optimised and concise profile, you may end up getting queries regarding the cheese products you export.

As B2B platforms operate at a global stage through the internet, these have a huge ability to reach a massive buyer and consumer base. Thanks to the internet, you can reach concerned parties with just a click of a button and take certain actions. Getting sales overseas is no harm right? Apart from this, a branded website can go in a long way to provide consistent leads, brand awareness and ideally potential customers.

These were just some ways by which cheese manufacturers and suppliers can get buyers for the products. It’s just a matter of putting in planned efforts into the marketing strategies for the cheese business.

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