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Best Ways to Get buyers & Grow Dry Fruits Exports Business

Being healthy and extremely fit is the way to go which really helps in the long run. Dry fruits are the perfect supplements that aid in the same as well as are a great source of vitamins, proteins, minerals, and dietary fibres. These are, as the name suggests made by drying fruits or a particular part of the plants. The drying process includes the removal of liquids till there remains no sort of moisture.

In this blog post, we’ll cover and guide readers on how they can expand dry fruits businesses and starting getting buyers for their products especially in India where the competition is stiff. Read on.

Dry fruits Benefits

Resins are the dried form of resins and thus have a rough texture and the inside of it becomes like a gel type of material. Similarly, cashews are obtained from cashew apples which have the kidney-shaped product inside which we have all come to be known as cashews. Not to mention these promote well being and thus the dry fruits exports are on a rise. Indian dry fruits promote global trade and contribute a huge chunk to the overall exports of the world. Dry fruits are also known as dehydrated fruits and that’s where it acquired its name from and as mentioned above, dry fruits benefits are immense and also aid in weight loss.

Apart from chomping on dry fruits as a standalone snack, these are a great addition to dishes as well, especially in the Indian kitchen. For instance, Indian cuisine is full of desserts that use dry fruits – be it from North India to South India or West India to East India, you’ll find some sort of foods utilising dry fruits as a content.

dry fruits exporters in India
Dry fruits are great source of vitamins, proteins, minerals, and dietary fibres

Dry Fruits and its Exports

Now when it comes to exports of agro based products like onion and rice, are high in demand throughout the season. Similarly, dry fruits account for quite a big chunk of the share in the total exports of agro products. India is one of the major consumers as well as the producer & exporter of dry fruits. Over the years the demand for dry fruits and its products has risen significantly due to health awareness among the people. This has been further given a boost by the arrival of the pandemic which has made people more conscious of their health. Taking advantage of this opportunity, there can be several ways to grow and get buyers for dry fruits business whether you are retailing it or wholesaling.

get buyers for dry fruits business
A fun fact about dry fruits exports!

People who often purchase dry fruits in wholesale or bulk are the ones which require it for reselling purposes or for use in their own business such as food joints, restaurants, corporates etc., and are known as importers in this case. All in all, these are the people dry fruits businesses and wholesalers should target as the potential of making a deal among these audiences is the highest! To reach local dry fruits buyers of such, business owners can get registered with local listings such as Google My Business where the interested buyers can find you easily in Google just by simple queries such as dry fruits shops near me or buy dry fruits and so one and so forth.

Speaking of dry fruits exports businesses, the competition is really getting stiff day by day because of the increased numbers of players in the exports. This was already coming considering businesses would often hope on to the opportunity which they would find beneficial and the same goes here where dry fruits demand is on a rapid rise. To not get diluted away in the competition for an export business especially in terms of dry fruits, businesses should take some steps and strategies in order to be differentiated from others and provide some sort of value to its customers. Strategies to get buyers for dry fruits exports business can be –

Methods to Implement to Get Buyers

1. B2B Platforms

These are the businesses specifically made to aid the businesses in the B2B domain which are exporters, importers, traders, suppliers, and manufacturers to reach their concerned parties in order to do business or have some sort of monetary intent. These portals are one of the best ways to grow dry fruits business in the exports – imports domain.

2. Bringing Businesses Online

If you are a dry fruits business or be it of any products or services, not specifically to dry fruits then having a website plays a very crucial role. It makes your brand trustworthy and credible and when a person visits the website, it provides some value which he/she can obtain.

Apart from a website, to further boost the online visibility a dry fruits business can get listed on Google My Business (GMB) in order to spread brand awareness, get product inquiries and even interact with existing customers in terms of grievances, feedbacks and reviews. Also when someone searches on Google with terms like “dry fruits shops near me” the local brand will show up in the near location of the searchers.

indian business exports online website
In the export business with stiff competition, a website makes you stand out from the rest

3. Getting leads through B2B platforms

Another functionality that B2B platforms provide is the generation of leads for the businesses registered with them. By the leads, dry fruits businesses can move forward with their operations by converting them into potential customers. These are very important in a business in the long run which enables them to do business with interested and concerned businesses.

4. Wide promotion

Having an online presence makes a business or exporters in this case, accelerates their marketing and promotion to wide audiences because of the Internet’s massive reach nature. A digital strategy in place helps a business to make relations with others and find new customers. This can be also achieved by services of B2B platforms wherein they provide promotional activities to their clients.

Promotion is the key

These all can be achieved by B2B platforms such as Global Trade Bazaar which connects dry fruit exporters with the concerned importers which benefits both parties. It is a platform that can really boost a exports business by leveraging its operations and providing the required activities to increase its profits in the B2B domain.

5. Supply to Retail Stores

Supplying to retail stores can be a profitable way to grow a profitable business in India. By joining hands with retail and local stores, one can supply dry fruits products in bulk to them for further reselling. On your behalf, the stores will sell your products to the interested buyers in the market. Businesses just need to figure out on how to approach such retailers and get buyers for dry fruits in a indirect way.

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