Agriculture equipment in B2B exports

Importance of Modern Farming in the B2B Exports of Agriculture Products

Farming is considered the backbone of the Indian economy because of its large practice in several parts of the country. It employs more than 40% of the nation’s population and is the source of livelihood of many. This makes agriculture’s vast importance in India’s growth and economy. Get to know about modern farming infrastructure’s importance in this definitive blog post.

Agriculture is the means of production of crops which makes up the vegetable and food production for the whole nation. A country like India is diversified with the growth of thousands of crops. Thanks to the wide variety of climates India comprises, it is able to grow plants and vegetation of several types. 

But on the other side of the world, where nations produce 3 to 4 times more of the crop production within the same time frame, India still struggles to maintain and catch up with them in terms of quantities. Although Indian agriculture is renowned for its rich quality, it won’t be much of a factor when the whole world competition is concerned. 

Agriculture equipment and machinery

B2B Exports of modern agriculture equipment and machinery
India needs to adapt modern ways of agriculture sooner or later

Other countries excel in the quantities and quality crop production due to the simple fact that these utilise modern technologies and impart those in farming and agricultural activities. Modern farming methods should take place across all agricultural activities, but practically that’s not possible for all farmers. Modern farming methods and agriculture require the use of equipment and machinery which may cost a fortune, especially for the small farmers. But that doesn’t mean Indian agriculture cannot be modernized.

With certain initiatives from the government and the private sector, it is certainly possible. Now coming to the businesses which require these modern techniques and farming equipment, the industrial sector is booming with such products for businesses who have farms and indulge in the exports of crops to the domestic as well as in the international market.

B2B Exports of Agriculture Equipments

The demand for agriculture machinery and tools is seemingly increasing with Indian agriculture becoming a tad more modernised. Being industrial products, these are required and traded by businesses to other businesses along with mutual benefits. In order to take farming to a new modernised level, farmers need to adopt new techniques and match the food production levels of the world. Businesses indulged in farming can purchase and sell agriculture equipment and related products on B2B platforms such as Global Trade Bazaar where they can reach their targeted buyers or vice-versa for the importers in the industry.

But how can the agricultural practices be modernised in India efficiently?

By initiating exports of agriculture equipment and tools which are modern and efficient. This is high time farmers should start adopting modern farming methods in various parts of the agriculture process such as sowing, ploughing, harvesting, and cultivating. Though the quality of the seeds also play a crucial role in the end agriculture product, these equipment and machinery can complement it.

The most common modern methods of agriculture equipment and tools are tractors itself, balers, combines, plows, mowers,  planters and even sprayers. Apart from this, organic fertilizers and pesticides are also emphasized as these do not harm the crop production from side effects and make its human consumption extremely same.

If you are into the agriculture business, where to procure these modern agriculture equipment in bulk for your own purpose or for reselling purposes in case of importers?

Either way, if you are an exporter or an importer, B2B online marketplaces can fulfill the purpose of buying or selling agricultural equipment. These platforms act as a way to connect the exporters with the concerned importers not only in agriculture but several industries such as apparel, handicrafts, industrial and many more.

These certainly aid in the search of customers in case of an exporter or vice-versa. A great way to boost an export startup so that you can focus on the core work and routine operations while leads and customers are generated by platforms.

growing of agriculture sector through modern farming in B2B exports
The exports of modern agriculture equipment can boom both agriculture sector and B2B export industry

Why are Exports of Agriculture Equipment Crucial?

There can be several reasons to complement this statement. These are :-

  1. Gross Production – Modern farming techniques yield high production both in terms of quantity and quality. This way, more production can be ready for the exports to foreign countries and production is also readily available for domestic consumption.
  2. Imparts technical know & how – By using modern modes of agriculture, it can impart technology terms which can even help in other non-agriculture situations,
  3. Fosters exports – Being a high-tech industry, the profit margins on exports of machinery is high. This can make exporters profitable and even foster exports of the nation.
  4. Foreign cash flow – Apart from farmers, manufacturers of modern agriculture machinery can also benefit from local production of these by exporting to international markets.

With that being the perks of agriculture equipment in both practical usage and exports, modernisation and technology is the way to go be it any sector or industry in India

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